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  • Early Warning Systems Programming Guide

    The Early Warning System (EWS) offers a structured process to identify and track students who are at risk of dropping out. An EWS provides a framework that uses proven predictors of dropout. An EWS can alert school personnel and parents that certain student are at-risk of dropping out. An EWS also enables school staff to establish early response strategies that can be used to support at-risk students in specific ways so that they will stay in school.
    Please read the Early Warning Systems Programming Guide here
    9 Courses

  • Enrichment Programs Programming Guide

    The Enrichment Program (EP) provides ideas and “how-to” guidance on establishing enrichment programs, including tutoring and/or extracurricular activities, to motivate better attendance, performance, and engagement in school to help keep students from dropping out. This Guide provides step-by-step instructions to enable education leaders in developing countries to establish, use, monitor, and sustain enrichment programs in schools across the education system..
    Read the Enrichment Programs guide here
    10 Courses